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Smoke Ventilation Systems

Smoke Ventilation Installers

SANS 10400-T ( section 4.42) states: Smoke ventilation services is required in any enclosure greater than 500 m2 in floor area. An enclosure with a floor area greater than 500 m2 shall be provided with a smoke-control system designed in accordance with EN 12101. Our Smoke ventilation installers are highly skilled and specialise in this field.

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Smoke Ventilation Systems

This system is designed to extinguish fire during the early stages to allow safe escape.

Smoke Extraction Systems

Extractor fans use airflow to channel the smoke & fire out of the building.

Window Actuator Systems

An automated window opener system that’s triggered in the event of a fire.

Smoke Curtains

They are designed for occupants not to inhale toxic gases & smoke.

Fire Curtains

They are designed to control the spread for fire to other zones in a building.

Fire Dampers

They automatically detect room temperature and close in the case of a fire.

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