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What is a window actuator system?

An automated mechanism is used to open and close windows within a building. We attach sensors to the window actuators, as they are triggered when the sensors detect smoke and this automation opens up a series of windows to allow the natural flow of ventilation in the event of a fire. This system is designed to channel out smoke and hot air from the building using natural ventilation.
Window actuator systems can be an economical solution to the building as our technicians are capable of installing the application to the existing windows. This strategy can be used to address the heating and cooling of a ductless ventilation system. Our technicians will be able to advise you on the best possible solution.

The purpose of window actuators

One of the advantages of having an actuator system can benefit you apart from the fact it is convenient and cost-effective as a ductless system that encourages fresh air into the building. The primary reason is to allow hot smoke to escape without affecting occupants from safely exiting the building.


About window actuator

An actuator on a window is a device that controls the movement of the window, typically facilitating opening and closing. It can be powered electrically or manually, converting energy into mechanical motion to adjust the window position.

A window regulator is a mechanical assembly responsible for raising and lowering the window glass, while an actuator controls the movement of the window itself. The regulator physically moves the window, whereas the actuator triggers and manages this movement.

A chain window opener utilizes a chain mechanism to open or close a window. When activated, the chain rotates, either pulling the window upwards to open or lowering it to close. It typically operates manually or via a motorized system, offering convenient window control.

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